Worst television show of all time

I love television. I’ll give any show a chance or two before declaring it’s horrible.

This is one of the few Seinfeld episodes Ive seen. Not funny.

This is one of the few Seinfeld episodes I've seen. Not funny.

That’s why I have gotten hooked on shows like Celebrity Apprentice, Paradise Hotel and the hole in the wall show.

But there’s nothing worse than thinking a show is horrible that everyone else seems to like. Even worse is when it seems to be on television all the time.

Seinfeld is one of those shows. I’m sorry, but I don’t get the point of the show.

It’s a show about nothing. How can that be funny? Nothing isn’t funny. Something is funny. But nothing isn’t funny.

I’ve given it a chance. I’ve seen a few episodes (the puffy shirt episode, the soup Nazi, can’t find the car in the mall parking lot, the series finale, etc.). I don’t think I laughed once.

I just don’t get it. Can someone explain the appeal to me?



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5 responses to “Worst television show of all time

  1. Graham

    If you give it a few more minutes you might appreciate these scenes….

    Otherwise I give up!

  2. M@

    I agree. I’m a huge TV fan too, but aside from a couple of times, the show was more irritating than funny. (George as a Marine Biologist, finding Kramer’s golf ball in the whale’s blow-hole, that was likely the funniest for me) but otherwise, yeah. I just kinda hated all the characters. It’s on syndication everywhere, but I never go out of my way to watch it. I must commend you on “trying” any new TV show. There are some shows I won’t even consider trying, they look so bad from the ads. Like that reality show The Moment Of Truth where you’d confess secrets for cash or whatever. Or Da’ Kink.


  3. Marge Sambol

    I agree – totally does not live up to the hype! (Also, not colourful enough)

  4. I have to say Seinfeld has grown on me. More so in syndication. I didn’t watch often during its run but there are just certain situations that you could see happening in real life that just strike me funny.

    One of my favs is the episode where he can’t remember the girls name but that it sounds like a body part. The girls name was Delores I believe hehehe. See I’m still laughin:)

  5. Dennis

    I have a friend who sounds just like you. He hates Seinfeld, doesn’t think it’s funny. One thing I’ve heard for sure, Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up routines on stage aren’t very funny. But I think it’s the best show ever. I think I’ve seen every episode, and most of them I find great. My favourite was the time Kramer found the Merv Griffin set in a dumpster and brought it home, set it up, and his days became like a talk show host. But I didn’t like the final episode. I’ve always really liked the show, but I think it’s okay if people don’t like it too.

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