JT wins Survivor

As I’m sure most of you know, JT won Survivor Tocantins last night.

JT, here with Sierra, was one of the best overall competitors Survivor has ever seen.

JT, here with Sierra, was one of the best overall competitors Survivor has ever seen.

It was a great finale show up until the actual vote, and then an even better reunion show.

Just a few quick random thoughts about the ending:

• Stephen’s strategy at the jury was sound at the beginning, but he quickly went off it. Coach seemed to like the fact that he played with honour, and wouldn’t say anything bad about JT, but then ended up slagging him a few questions later. If you’re going to go in with a strategy, stick with it.

• Even though everyone was think Stephen was the better talker, JT dominated him at the jury last night when it came to talking.

• You can always tells when a vote is going to be a landslide. If it was a 4-3 final, then they would show six votes, and wouldn’t say who the deciding vote was for. But when they don’t show any votes as the jury is writing down the name, it means it’s a landslide.

• Jeff never really asked if Stephen and JT were still good friends, and what happened after they left Brazil.

•I was surprised Taj made it so far. Early in the game, she said her husband was former NFL player Eddie George. I thought that was it for her right there.

Stephen made it all the way to the final two, but didnt plead his case well.

Stephen made it all the way to the final two, but didn't plead his case well.

•I thought Stephen was going to win the final immunity in the beginning. But he seemed to not be able to concentrate, as he had a lot of trouble catching the balls.

• At the finale, Coach showed he took a lie detector test. But the questions didn’t make sense. There wasn’t enough detail to know if he’s lying or not. It would be like me taking a lie detector test saying “do you write a blog,” after I told everyone it was the second most popular WordPress blog out there.

• When Survivor does something so people can vote online for a contestant to win $100,000, they should have a caveat that the Survivor winner can’t be nominated. The winner already has $1 million. So maybe something like all the votes for the winner are null, and it goes to the next runner-up.

• When JT was announced as the winner of the $100,000, he whispered something to Stephen, but the microphones never picked it up. I wonder what it was. Anyone know?


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  1. Minorkle

    JT whispered into Stephen’s ear “a country boy can survive!”

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