Winner of the hockey pool

Even though we’re only two rounds into the playoffs, I’m already declaring myself the winner of the office hockey pool.



About a month ago, I gave a posting showing the players I have. Two rounds later, I still have 10 of the 12 original players (only missing out on the Washington Capitals). I still have five Pittsburgh Penguins, three Chicago Blackhawks and two Detroit Red Wings.

The person closest to me is 22 points back, with only three players left. The next closest is 44 points, with five players left. One of the poolies have already had all their players eliminated (that’s what you get for choosing any team with Mats Sundin on it).

So despite the fact we still have two rounds to go, I am hereby officially declaring myself the winner of the hockey pool.

The rest of you may now bow down before me.

(For the record, I’m in two other pools as well: I’m first in one of them and fourth out of 30 in the other).


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3 responses to “Winner of the hockey pool

  1. M@

    Miracle: Detroit beats Hawks in 7. Detroit loses 3 of 7 in OT all by a score of 1-0, as Bufuglien, Seabrook and Pahlsson all score OT winners. The other 4 games are 5-0 Red Wings, all goals by Hossa, all assists by Holmstrom, no other Wings figure in on the scoring.

    Then Carolina and the Hurricanes blank the Pens in 4 straight. Ward gives up no goals.

    M@ wins the pool.


    PS, you might wanna think about letting Blair make your pics for the keeper pool too 🙂

  2. Graham

    How’d you do in the regular season pool??? Oh yeah, second last 🙂

  3. Graham, didn’t you know… it’s only the playoffs that matter.

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