Blue Heaven leaves you just blue

So I recently finished reading Blue Heaven, a book by CJ Box.

Blue Heaven wasnt a great read.

Blue Heaven wasn't a great read.

I had never read any of his stuff before, so I thought this would be a good start. His books always seemed interesting to me, so I finally purchased one in April.

I don’t know if I’ll be buying any more though.

The plot of the book sounds exciting enough. Two kids witness a murder by four ex-cops. They run away, but the ex-cops are the ones in charge of finding them. The kids find refuge with a local cattle rancher, Jess Rawlins.

While the book starts off quickly enough, it starts to bog down in the middle. Then the action finally starts to heat up again near the end. But the actual ending leaves a lot to be desired.

In case you plan to read the book, I’m going to let you know the rest of this post is spoilers, so you’ve been forewarned.

First off, you never get the idea that most of the ex-cops are all that bad, except for two of them. The other seems to have doubts, but never does anything that leads to a resolution for him.

And as I was saying, the ending is very disappointing. I’m getting tired of books and movies not having happy endings. I realize they can’t all be happy, but it seems like lately they have sad endings to try and be different.

This book is a good example of this. At the end, Rawlins dies after a firefight. But after a while book about how he’s trying to save the farm, wants grandkids, wants to reconnect with his son, etc., it’s disappointing he doesn’t get the opportunity to do so.

Sad endings work at times. But with others, it doesn’t. This is one of them. The ending makes you feel like the rest of the book was a waste of time.



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3 responses to “Blue Heaven leaves you just blue

  1. Tyson

    I agree. I just finished listening to the book on cd in my car while parked in the driveway after a long day at work. I just wanted to finish it. Then I got confused by the strange long rambling ending. Who was alive, who was dead, what were the extent of Jess’ injuries, what did he do with the ranch etc. got really muddled and strange. And it left me completely upset. Having the good guys and bad guys die is unsatisfying at best. Really a bummer after and wild ride and scary story.

    • I liked the book. Every story does NOT have the have a happy ending! Life is not all about “Happy Endings” It was well written and kept you at the endue of your seat… isn;t that what god wiring is all about!?

      • Thanks for the comment, normally I don’t mind a non-happy ending, but I think this was the third or fourth book in a row I read like this. So it started to get to me.

        But while I don’t mind sad endings, I don’t think the ending fit this book at all. There was no emotional feel-good moment to justify such a sad ending.

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