Don’t leave lunches in the fridge for too long

I’m sure most of us have seen it before, either being the victim or the culprit.

Make sure to clean out the fridge once in a while.

Make sure to clean out the fridge once in a while.

We bring a lunch into work, stick it in the refrigerator, and for whatever reason, we forget about it.

The fridge starts to get more and more full, until finally an employee snaps and decides to clean it out.

I’ve seen it at two different work places in the past two years. The last time, I decided to clean out the fridge. It was a small fridge, and it was packed with stuff.

So I sent out an e-mail letting people know I was cleaning the fridge on Friday after work, and would be throwing out everything.

I ended up throwing out about two or three bags of stuff. One carton of milk was five months past its expiry date. It smelled, and it was disgusting. But in the end, we had a nice clean fridge.

I bring this up because of a story down in San Jose. Apparently, a hazmat team had to be called in to deal with a fridge.

A worker decided to clean out the fridge at her work, AT&T. When she put the lunches back in, the old food reacted with the chemicals. It created an odour so bad, it made 28 people nauseous, and sent seven to hospital.

The funniest thing is the woman who cleaned the fridge didn’t get sick because she can’t smell anything due to her allergies.

So in the future, remember to eat your lunch, or throw it out. But don’t leave it in the fridge.


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