Discussing the trainwreck of the Celebrity Apprentice finale

So last night was the finale of the Celebrity Apprentice.

Joan Rivers is the winner of the Celebrity Apprentice 2.

Joan Rivers is the winner of the Celebrity Apprentice 2.

And to no one’s surprise, Joan Rivers won.

This was the most obvious reality ending it turned out the millionaire from Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire wasn’t actually a millionaire.

As I wrote a few weeks back: “Sure, there’s been nothing official, but it’s obvious Joan Rivers is going to win.

“And herein lies the problem with Celebrity Apprentice. Donald Trump knows these people. He likes some of them. And it’s obvious in his dealings that he keeps his friends on longer than he should.”

While this season started off strong, it went downhill near the end.

While I may not be the biggest fan of Khloe Kardashian, her being eliminated was brutal. Trump kept Dennis Rodman on the show for weeks with his drinking problem, and has come out in the past in favour of giving people second chances. So firing her because she had a DUI was silly, especially since Kardashian admitted it was a mistake and was attending classes because of it.

Then last week, Trump fired two people based on interviews last year’s winner done. He fired former Playboy playmate Brande Roderick because while she could raise a lot of money, she didn’t show she could do anything else. He said he had to let her go because the final task may not be about raising money.

Annie Duke never had a shot of winning.

Annie Duke never had a shot of winning.

He then fired Jesse James because while he was great at most of the tasks, he never raised enough money, and that wouldn’t bode well for the finals.

So he fired the two for completely opposite reasons, and contradicted himself in the process.

As for the finale, a few points:

• A three hour finale is way too much long.

• Don’t announce the winner right at the end. Announce the winner, and let them speak a bit about how it feels to win.

• Don’t let Trump ask contestants questions at the end, and then interrupt them and tell them to hurry along. Either let them speak or don’t.

• Poker pro Annie Duke raised more money then anyone else, and fully expected to win. But she won only two of the final five criteria, which wasn’t enough to overcome the friendship of Trump and Rivers.

• And finally, didn’t that hug Rivers gave Annie at the end seem a little uncomfortable. After spending all that time complaining, the hug made me feel like it was all a show this whole time.



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4 responses to “Discussing the trainwreck of the Celebrity Apprentice finale

  1. Derrallene Studeman

    Annie …Trumps decision was so unfair. All he was doing was saving face for himself. You brought in more money…..worked harder and your charity was the most deserving……Rivers turned out to be a very unworthy person that only sat on her…… and made phone calls where you actually did physical work…..I am so upset and so dissapointed in Trump. I thought the whole idea was who made the most money for charity….and it turned out who Trump liked the best and would make him look good….So sorry you didn’t win ….you certainly deserved it…….

  2. M-Town

    Who gives a damn did we really want a bitch like Annie Duke winning? Duke was a b—- and her profession is nothing to be proud of she’s an ass.

  3. Unfortunately I didn’t see the whole season of the apprentice but did see the episode a couple of weeks ago when Melissa Rivers stormed out. Did she return for the finale? Was she in better humor?

    As for Donald, yeah he certainly does have favorites and Dennis Rodman had messed up several times and should have been gone earlier for sure.

  4. Dennis

    I’m still dealing with Joan River’s face job. And Dennis Rodman has been successfully sued by the female bar manager at the Hard Rock Cafe in Vegas for touching her several times. This is about the third time Rodman has been charged for this type of thing.
    But I’m trying to come to grips with Joan’s face job.

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