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CBC wants cameras in the courtroom

So the CBC is petitioning an Ottawa judge to allow cameras in the courtrooms.

Ottawa mayor Larry OBrien

Ottawa mayor Larry O'Brien

Well, maybe just one specific courtroom, at least for now.

Ottawa mayor Larry O’Brien┬áis starting his court case next week. For those not from the Ottawa area, it is alleged he asked a candidate during the 2006 election to step down and would pay for his campaign bills to that point, as well as help the guy get a cabinet position.

But the CBC wants to air the whole trial live on the Internet.

While this may not seem strange to Americans who are used to seeing court cases aired live on television all the time, it’s a rarity for Canadians. The justice system here doesn’t allow for electronic media in a courtroom. No cameras, cell phones, tape recorders, etc.

So if this approved, it could go a long way to knocking down some of those walls the media run up against in dealing with the courts.


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