Heroes finale very disappointing

So the season finale of Heroes was on last night.

Remember when Save the Cheerleader, save the world, was a great plotline? Things have gone downhill since then.

Remember when "Save the Cheerleader, save the world," was a great plotline? Things have gone downhill since then.

After a whole season of build-up and storylines, they decided to leave us with more of a storyline. No action, no big finale. Just more talk.

And when there was an “action scene”, we didn’t see it, because the door was closed and locked.

We finally get to see a confrontation between Peter Petrelli and Sylar, and were left with nothing. No fighting. No action. But it was dull. Not sure if that is what they were going for, but that’s what they ended with.

Sure, they left a cliffhanger for next season. But that’s not what we want. They’re superheroes. Act like one. Give us some action.

As for the show itself, it mimicked the rest of the season. Slow, plodding, and lots and lots of dialogue.

All season long, they teased Danko and Noah Bennet on opposite sides, and then nothing happened.

They teased Nathan and Sylar fighting, but then nothing happened.

By the way, no one on this show ever really dies, at least not since the first season. Last night, Nathan died. But they found a loophole so he’s still around.

Earlier this season, Nikki died (or Tracy, or whatever her name is now). In the preview for next season, they show she’s still around.

They killed Daphne, but she wasn’t actually dead. But now she is.

I think.

So we’re watching a superhero show where no one dies, no one fights and nothing actually happens.

Exciting stuff, eh?


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One response to “Heroes finale very disappointing

  1. dave0

    Yeah, I gave up on Heroes about halfway through season 2. Good to know I didn’t miss anything good.

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