Working on a major bucket list item

So for the past week, I’ve been working on one of my major bucket list items. Two of them, actually.

This will be me pretty soon ... I hope.

This will be me pretty soon ... I hope.

6. Get my weight back to 180 pounds

55. Get a six-pack of abs.

I decided this last week. I weigh about 215 pounds as it is now. Not grossly overweight, but enough that it bothers me.

I’m not going to go on any crazy fad diets or anything like that. The biggest change is the way I eat.

For those who may not be aware, I eat a lot of junk food.

No, you don’t understand. A lot.

I’m the guy who eats a row of Fudgee-O cookies for breakfast, and then another row as a snack before lunch.

I’ve now decided to give up all that stuff together. No more chocolate, or sweets, or sugar. Instead of cookies, I’ll eat a bowl of Cheerios. Instead of a chocolate bar, I’ll eat an apple instead.

I will still allow myself to eat chips, because I would go insane if I gave up all junk food all at once.

I also figure with the summer season, this is the perfect time to start. I play ultimate Frisbee in the summer, so I’ll be getting plenty of exercise.

I know this won’t be a quick journey, but I’m pretty confident I’ll get there.



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2 responses to “Working on a major bucket list item

  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    Next time use use my photo I would appreciate it if you would ask my permission.
    I commend your attempt and wish you well. I too should follow your lead but that would take a lot of will power. The fact that you are allowing yourself chips shows that you are serious and that you are not trying to fool yourself into thinking that you are able to stop everything all at once.

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