Google car hits Ottawa

For those unaware, even online maps are becoming high-tech.

This car crash was caught with the Google Street View cameras.

This car crash was caught with the Google Street View cameras.

Thanks to Google, maps are now able to be seen in 3D as if you were actually there. So if you’re visiting a town, and want to walk to a building, you can actually see landmarks before you walk so you know the route better.

So far, the Google map, called Google Street View, is only in parts of Europe. But it’s pretty neat to see. Right now, Google cars are going around Ottawa for their maps.

Some people are upset because they see it as an invasion of privacy. But Google uses a special program so numbers and faces are blurred out.

There are websites for people who look for mistakes and post their photos (one of them can be found here). Maybe because of the way the pictures were taken, only half a building is visible, or people are hiding their faces.

It’s a great tool, and will be fun to check out once cities I know are up.

And looking at some of the photos that people find can easily kill a few hours. It’s a lot of fun.



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3 responses to “Google car hits Ottawa

  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    I saw that car on POW on the way to work on Friday, you could have interviewed me for this posting. It could have only helped you get more hits.

  2. Larry

    i just saw a google maps car go by

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