Cheerleading coach fired for Playboy pictorial

So this woman in California decided to pose for Playboy.

Carlie Beck was fired for posing in Playboy.

Carlie Beck was fired for posing in Playboy.

Before the pictures were released, she was offered a new job as a cheerleader instructor. Even better for 20-year-old Carlie Beck  (known in the Playboy world as Carlie Christine), it was her old high school.

The principal later found out Carlie was in Playboy. They had a discussion about it, but he seemed okay with it.

But then a student wasn’t allowed to try out as a cheerleader because she missed too much school. The parents, Scott and Heather Geniella, were so upset, they printed off the Playboy pictures and went to see the principal.

Then Carlie was fired.

“This is a leader of young women,” Scott Geniella said on the Today Show. “They want to hold the children to a very high standard. These cheerleaders are not allowed to have racy pictures on MySpace. There’s a lot of things they’re not able to do, or shouldn’t.”

“[Adelle] said, ‘Mom, there are rumors that she has been on the Internet naked,'” Heather Geniella said. “So she was upset at the double standard, that [Beck] is good enough to be in a leadership position.”

Most of the cheerleaders and their parents have been supportive of Carlie.

I think this is foolish. So she’s posed in Playboy. Who hasn’t?

The world is full of lawyers, doctors, cheerleaders, teachers, wrestlers, Starbucks employees, etc. that have posed in the magazine. You can’t fire someone if they appeared in the magazine.

It seems as if we hear of this type of thing all the time. It’s silly. You would think there would be more important things for the parents to be worried about.

And it could have been worse. The coach could have been this woman.



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2 responses to “Cheerleading coach fired for Playboy pictorial

  1. Cheryl

    I think it makes total sense that she was fired – I’m more surprised that she was hired in the first place when they found out she had posed for Playboy.
    This woman probably had a huge influence on the young girls she was coaching – not just in cheerleading, but for life skills and development as well. If the school holds their students to a certain standard of modesty and behaviour, they should certainly hold their instructors to it, or a higher one … and the students should be able to expect that.

  2. I don’t understand the big deal. What’s the big problem with posing for Playboy?

    Would it have been okay if she posed for a Sears catalogue? Maxim Magazine? Hooters calendar?

    I don’t think posing in Playboy is a sign of bad morals.

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