Earth Day is a sham

Yes, you read the title right. Earth Day is a sham.

I’ve never been a big proponent of days set aside to do things that you would (or should) normally do.

Earth Day is probably the biggest one on my list.

Today is the day when many people will start doing things with the idea they’re making the world a better place, thereby negating 364 other days of the year when they’re actually hurting the planet with their inactivity.

Today, you will see many people who will pick up litter, do yoga (yes, you read that right), or adopt endangered animals.

But why wait until Earth Day to have to do this? Why not pick up litter on June 22, August 9 or October 17? Why wait until today?

Earth Day gives many people the feeling they’re doing their bit for the environment. But tomorrow, they go right back into their old habits. They stop carpooling, they start throwing things away instead of recycling, they stop caring about the earth.

That’s why today is a sham.

I’m all in favour of the environment, but I think saving a day aside for it is a little ludicrous (unless one of the governments decide to make it a national holiday, in which case, Earth Day would become one of my favourite holidays).

In the end, just realize your carbon footprint doesn’t begin and end with Earth Day.

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