Five more additions on bucket list

I’m now up to 70 items on my bucket list. 

Going for a helicopter ride is a new item on my Bucket List.

Going for a helicopter ride is a new item on my Bucket List.

I’m still trying to get to 100 items, but it’s difficult. I’ve already completed some of them, and will be shooting down some others this summer for sure.

But in the meantime, here are the newest additions to the list and the reasoning behind it.

66. Learn to do the worm. If you’ve never seen the worm, check out the dance here. I think it would be the greatest thing if I’m on a dance floor, and I break out the worm at some point.

67. Have at least two kids. Pretty self-explanatory.

68. Have a Wikipedia page about me (this one doesn’t count). This may be tricky, because they don’t allow pages about normal people. If they did, you would never be able to find someone famous amongst the long list of names. If you create one about someone who isn’t famous, it gets erased. So that means I have to be semi-famous before a page will stay there. But I’m hoping someday, I’ll be there.

69. Learn to throw a boomerang. I should add that I could probably throw a boomerang now, but I want to learn how to get it to come back. Maybe I could learn when I complete #5 on my list.

70. Go for a ride in a helicopter. I’ve been in planes, boats, trains, etc. But never a helicopter. Just a simple fun one.

That’s it for now. Keep checking back as I try to think of others and complete the ones on my list.

And don’t forget, if you know of any you think I should do, let me know.


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