Celebrity Apprentice finalists will be no surprise

I’m not sure how many of you watch the Celebrity Apprentice, but it’s become a guilty pleasure of mine lately.

Joan Rivers will be the winner of the Celebrity Apprenctice.

Joan Rivers will be the winner of the Celebrity Apprenctice.

I didn’t catch it last year, because I find celebrity editions usually bog shows down. But this year has been great.

It’s had it all. An alcoholic. Fighting. Surprises.

It’s also had the winner announced since the first episode I watched.

Sure, there’s been nothing official, but it’s obvious Joan Rivers is going to win.

And it will probably be her and her daughter, Melissa, in the final two.

And herein lies the problem with Celebrity Apprentice. Donald Trump knows these people. He likes some of them. And it’s obvious in his dealings that he keeps his friends on longer than he should.

This became obvious at the very beginning, when Dennis Rodman was on the show. Each week, his team would lose, and in the boardroom, they would all comment on how Dennis let them down. But Trump, who kept referring to Dennis as his friend, would keep him on and let go of other people.

Now, Joan Rivers is getting the star treatment. Last night, for example, Rivers’ team lost. The three of them were in the boardroom, and someone had to get fired. Trump kept asking Joan which of the other two would be fired. When she broke down and cried, he would say things like “In my 40 years of knowing you Joan, I’ve never seen you cry.”

He never once entertained the thought that maybe Joan should be fired.

There is tension on the show between Annie Duke and Joan and Melissa Rivers. Melissa and Joan have turned the boardroom into a joke. They team up to attack others.

Donald Trump is way too friendly with Joan Rivers to ever fire her.

Donald Trump is way too friendly with Joan Rivers to ever fire her.

I know they are mother/daughter, but they are over-protective of one another.

In an episode earlier this season, when Melissa was being singled out for not helping the team, Melissa whispered to Joan “Why won’t you say something, mother?” Joan immediately piped up.

It left the impression that Melissa was still just a little girl, unable to stick up for herself. Running to mommy is never a good way to try to prove you can be independent.

When Melissa looked to be picked on last week, Joan threatened to leave the show if Melissa was fired. She reiterated that thought this week as well.

So what choice does Donald have? If he fires Melissa, Joan walks. And he won’t fire Joan, because they’re too buddy-buddy.

So despite all the drama, look for the final four to be Annie Duke and Clint Black against Melissa and Joan Rivers, with Melissa and Joan being the final two.



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5 responses to “Celebrity Apprentice finalists will be no surprise

  1. You’re probably right and that sucks bigtime. The Donald should get his act together because he’s messed up enough times already. My money is on Lady Duke taking it all.

  2. crystal

    Jesse James is going to win

  3. mike

    joan rivers won,but everybody knew that was gonna happen.she is a whiney,bitter old non funny b—-.What is her daughter gonna do when she finally does us all a favor and dies?Donald trump kissed her butt like he would never do for anyone else,WHY? its my first and last time watching this stupid show,so donald YOUR FIRED!

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  5. Rana Bleicher

    Donald Trump is the man. He also has a fantastic head of hair. I truly am jealous.

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