Top 100 Habs: #10

#10: Georges Vezina

When looking at the career of George Vezina, it’s scary to think of how many more numbers he could have accumulated.

Georges Vezina

Georges Vezina

As it is, he’s considered one of the all-time great goalies, and obviously has the NHL’s top goalie trophy named after him.

Vezina spent his entire professional hockey career with the Montreal Canadiens: seven years with the Habs in the National Hockey Association, and nine years with them in the National Hockey League.

In the NHA, Vezina, like the rest of the goalies of the day, was not allowed to go down to make save: they had to stay standing the whole time.

In total, the Habs won two Stanley Cups with Vezina in net, and made it to the finals another three times.

How good was Vezina? In his 16-year career, Vezina was number one or two in his league in goals against 12 times.

He played in 325 consecutive games for the Habs, before leaving a game due to illness. A few months later, he died of tuberculosis.

He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1945 (he was among the first batch of players to make it to the Hall of Fame).

For more on Georges Vezina:

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