Top 100 Habs: #11

#11: Steve Shutt

Although he retired before I became a hockey fan, and he had his best NHL season the year I was born, Shutt is a special hockey player for me.

Steve Shutt

Steve Shutt

As a young lad growing up in a small town in Newfoundland, I remember seeing a group of NHL all-stars come to my hometown to play in an exhibition game. After the game, the all-stars were going to stay on the ice and sign autographs. I remember only two doing so: Steve Shutt and Guy Lafleur.

A few years back, I met Shutt at an autograph signing, and I told him that story. He remembered that trip, and started telling me stories about it. Great guy.

Despite my personal feelings, his ranking on this list is warranted. Shutt was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in 1972. He joined the Habs that season as a rookie. The next year, as a sophomore, he scored 15 goals, but he started to show his flair in the playoffs, as he netted five goals in six playoff games.

It was only a couple of years later that Shutt scored 60 goals in a season (a Habs record, tied with Guy Lafleur). That was a NHL record for most goals scored by a left-winger in a season at the time. That year, the Canadiens lost only eight games, and the Habs won their second of four straight Stanley Cups.

He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1993.

For more on Steve Shutt:

Hockey Hall of Fame




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2 responses to “Top 100 Habs: #11

  1. Kevin

    Love Shutt, but higher than Boom Boom and Moore? (Art Ross and Hart winners) Higher than Roadrunner? (Captain and Conn Smythe Trophy)
    Face it, you don’t meet him twice and like him as a person, he ain’t that high.

    • I think he would be still that high. He led the league in goals one year, and in the Habs history, has a higher points-per-game in the playoffs than the regular season, fifth all-time in goals, eighth in points, fourth for plus-minus (depending on how you view that stat, that’s a good thing), fourth in career shooting percentage, and that’s not even getting into things like goals-for-per-game, and he was one of the highest scoring left wingers of the 70s.

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