Top 100 Habs: #13

#12: Jacques Plante

Although the casual NHL fan may only know Jacques Plante as the goalie to wear a mask during a game, Plante was a dominant goalie throughout his time as a Montreal Canadien.

Jacques Plante

Jacques Plante

Plante was the number one goalie when the team won five straight Stanley Cups from 1956-60, and won a total of six Stanley Cups in his 10 years with the team. His first Cup came in 1953. After playing only three regular NHL games by this point, he was called up that year to play against the Chicago Blackhawks. He posted three wins in four games, including a shutout.

It would be another couple of years before he became the team’s top goalie, and help the team win five more Cups. In 1959, Plante took a slapshot in the face and broke his nose. It was after that he decided to wear his mask, much to the chagrin of his coach.

In 1962, Plante won the Hart trophy as the league’s most valuable player, and his sixth Vezina trophy. He won his his seventh Vezina seven years later, as a member of the expansion St. Louis Blues.

In 1963, Plante was traded to the New York Rangers.

After retiring several times (he kept making comebacks), Plante wrote newspaper columns on hockey, coached and became a hockey school instructor.

He was elected to the hall of fame in 1978.

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