Top 100 Habs: #14

#14: Newsy Lalonde

Newsy Lalonde played for the Montreal Canadiens in two different leagues, and was one of the best in both.

Newsy Lalonde

Newsy Lalonde

He first played for them during the 1909-1910 season, as a member of the NHA (National Hockey Association). He scored 16 goals in six games before being traded to the Renfrew Millionaires, where he finished the season with 22 goals in five games.

His career in the NHA over the next six seasons was more of the same, scoring 28 goals in three different seasons with the Habs (he played one season with the Vancouver Millionaires in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association).

When the Canadiens were one of the original teams to form the NHL in 1917, Lalonde continued his torried scoring pace. He scored 23 goals in 14 games that first years. Two years later, he potted a whopping 37 goals in 23 games.

In total, he played with the Habs in 12 seasons, and was elected to the hall of fame in 1950.

Some interesting tidbits about Lalonde:

• He scored the first ever goal in Montreal Canadiens history.

• He was the captain of the Habs when he won his only Stanley Cup and the first in team history in 1916.

• Scored five goals in a game on three occasions in the NHL, and was the first player ever to do so in a playoff game.

• Coached the Canadiens from 1932 to 1935.

• He played lacrosse as well as hockey, and was one of the superstars in that league, setting new scoring records there.

• As coach, he once punched one of his own players who stood up to him as a warning to the rest of the team not to do so again.

• The Lalonde family has a website dedicated to Newsy. You can see it by clicking here.

For more on Newsy Lalonde:

Hockey Hall of Fame



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