Top 100 Habs: #17

#17: Elmer Lach

Elmer Lach is usually seen as a set-up man for Maurice Richard, but Lach’s accomplishments stands out on their own.

Elmer Lach

Elmer Lach

After a sophmore season where he played one game because of an injury, Lach returned to the Montreal Canadiens full-time. In 45 games, he scored 18 goals and added 40 assists.

A couple of years later, he had 54 assists in 50 games (the year Richard score his famous 50 goals in 50 games). It was Lach who won the Hart trophy as the league’s most valuable player that season as he led the league in points.

Three years later, he again led the league in points, winning the first Art Ross trophy, notching 61 points in 60 games.

Throughout most of his career, Lach was a point a game player. He won three Stanley Cups with the Habs (as a funny aside, he scored the Cup winning goal in 1953: During the celebrations, Richard accidently broke Lach’s nose with his stick).

He was elected to the hall of fame in 1966.

For more on Elmer Lach:

Hockey Hall of Fame



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