Top 10 WWE divas hotties

Normally I do a top 10 list, but in honour of Wrestlemania 25 taking place this weekend, I thought I would do a top 25 WWF/WWE hotties.

It doesn’t matter how many shows they were on, how long they lasted, or when they were with the company.

And let me say, it’s probably not who you think it would be at #1.

So without further ado, here are the top 25!



25. Ivory


Ivory never got a chance to strut her stuff when she was a member of Right to Censor, but there was no doubt she is one of the better women’s wrestlers the WWE has seen in the past 10 years.

24. Sable


I never thought she was as great or as hot as so many others did, but there’s no doubt she was part of the whole WWE Diva division taking off.

23. Tori


A former member of Degeneration X, Tori was involved in some of the stranger storylines. She seemed to be the catalyst for many feuds.

22. Dawn Marie


Dawn Marie is more well known for her ECW days, but the angle where she married Torrie Wilson’s dad may be the Smackdown women’s angle people best remember.

21. Beth Phoenix


The Glamazon never fails to impress, whether it be a comedy spot with Santino or with her athletic ability in the ring.

20. Molly Holly


Like Ivory, much of her career was spent in the “I’m a prude” stage, but she had some great angles, and had her head shaved at a Wrestlemania.

19. Torrie Wilson


Torrie Wilson went to the WWE when WCW was bought out. She was one of the first WCW personalities to appear on a WWE stage.

18. Stacy Kiebler


With legs to kill for, the former NFL cheerleader also won Dancing with the Stars.

17. Victoria


Just recently retired, and the women’s division is worse for it. Her finishing move, the Widow’s Peak, was one of the coolest moves in wrestling.

16. Melina


The current WWE champion, Melina has one of the best ring introductions of all time, although it looks pretty painful.

15. Mickie James


Mickie James started in the WWE with a hot angle where she stalked Trish Stratus. The angle fizzled out right before Trish retired, but Mickie still remains as one of the best wrestlers in the women’s division.

14. Terri Runnels


Played many different roles in her time with the WWE/WWF (Marlena, one-half of PMS, etc.), and was used to create the first ladder match with the Hardy Boyz against Edge and Christian.

13. Nidia 


Nidia did a great angle when her and Jamie Noble won the lottery, but it went downhill once she went “blind”.

12. Miss Jackie


I went to a wrestling event here in Ottawa a few years back, and I was second row from the ring. Miss Jackie is even more beautiful in person. She looks simply amazing.

11. Layla


Won the Diva search in 2006, and was involved in a great angle earlier this year with Jamie Noble.

10. Elizabeth


The original lady of the WWE, Miss Elizabeth was loved the world over. While she spent the last few years of her wrestling life in WCW, most people will remember her as the classy manager of Randy Macho Man Savage.

9. Stephanie McMahon


Her character on TV is a lot like the rest of the McMahons. No one ever seems to know if’s supposed to be booed or cheered.

8. Ashley


I couldn’t find a picture to do her justice, but the former Diva search winner did what she could to promote the WWE outside of the ring (posing in Playboy and appearing on Survivor).

7. Candice Michelle


Created a stir a few years back for her commercial for Go Daddy during the Superbowl, which was overblown. Every time she starts becoming hugely popular, she unfortunately suffers an injury in the ring.

6. Christy Hemme


The original winner of the Diva search competition, Christy Hemme now appears in TNA.

5. Maria


The best Diva contestant ever, Maria played the part of a ditzy interviewer to perfection. She’s been involved in memorable storylines over the years, including one with Santino.

4. Lita


Became hotter the longer she was with the federation, but without a doubt, her matches with Trish Stratus is what catapulted women’s wrestling to huge popularity in the late 90s/early 2000s.

3. Trish Stratus


A top Canadian no matter what the list, Trish Stratus won the women’s championship seven times, the Diva of the year three times, and won Diva of the Decade. Without a doubt, women’s wrestling wouldn’t be where it is without her.

2. Sunny


Brought women’s wrestling back to popularity in the 1990s. She played a hot, funny, smart manager, which was a rarity at the time. Helped pave the way for others.

1. Gail Kim


Gail Kim is apparently back in the WWE, but no matter where she’s gone, she’s been a success. She was a star in the WWE, and then was the main reason TNA had such a great women’s division.



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30 responses to “Top 10 WWE divas hotties

  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    Wow, I must say that your top 25 list and my list would be very VERY different. There are some on your list that wouldn’t make my list and the order would definatly be quite different, personal preference too i suppose. Still a solid 25 list all in all.

  2. Awesome list!

    Looks like someone did their homework 😉

    My top 3 would definitely be Maria, Stephanie and Trish.

  3. yeah gail kim #1
    good choice!

  4. Mevlut

    gail kim #1 is not good choice
    gail kim is not hot she looks disgusting
    i hate that diva
    for me must lita #1
    or maryse#1
    no one diva can beat maryses body
    you dont have a idea about divas

  5. erm

    you forgot chyna!

  6. I wish they were all porn stars

  7. Richard

    This list is more “Order in which the writer wants to sleep with Divas” then anything

  8. Nice countdown, but I’m not quite sure with the top 5. Lita should be number 1 along with Trish.

  9. very sweet like that

  10. Really!?!

    Molly Holly should have been number one. She was the first to do almost everything. And used to teach other wrestlers how to wrestle.

  11. muertos

    me gustaron las imagenes y aver me pueden mandar unas imagesnes de melina la mas latina’

    (Translation, according to Babelfish: “I liked the images and aver they can send imagesnes of melina but the Latin to me.”

  12. all look so fucking sexy and hot

  13. ken beaudrie

    wow now i have something to show my kids why drugs are bad for you! Really Molly Holly higher than Sable or Tori! While i do agree Gail kim is hot no way is she No. 1.

  14. wwe

    michelle mccool is hot

  15. Jay

    This list is whacked!!!!
    Molly Holly and Nidia are not worthy of a top 25 by any means, they are butt ass ugly. Gail Kim is in top 10 but not #1. Maria should be #1!!!!!!! Where are Maryse, Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, Joy Giovanni and Brooke Adams?? All top 10’s!!!! And send Trish Stratus to the back of the list, she’s so not hot as everybody thinks!! Stacy Keibler and Torie wilson both 10 x’s hotter!!


  17. Nice trip down memory lane with some of these divas, not exactly how i would rank them, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. As far as looks, i am partial to Stacy Keibler! In the ring, trish or lita.

  18. Dduuuuude

    Gail Kim….yes! She’s the hottest, AND the best wrestler of the group.

  19. jhonatan

    viva la diva maria

  20. Hu San Niang

    no Chyna (3 time ic-winner,dude!! ) here = stupid list

  21. tyler

    My top 3 would be…
    Mickie James

  22. shayla

    lita is so sexy

  23. Termin8or

    Bull s*** what about kelly kelly! #1 f*** gail kim

  24. kyle

    where’s KELLY..?!!!!!1

  25. pasha

    u rwrong always lita is top111111111111111111111111111

  26. you must give Trish Stratus to be #1 slot in this list.

  27. killer

    Mickie james #1

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