Top 100 Habs: #18

#18: George Hainsworth

George Hainsworth set a shutout record that will probably never be seen again.

George Hainsworth

George Hainsworth

In his first three years in the league with the Montreal Canadiens, Hainsworth played extremely well. He recorded double digits in shutouts in each of those season. In 1928-29, he set a NHL record 22 shutouts in 44 games, good for a shutout every single game he played. He also had a goals against average of 0.92.

In those three seasons, he won the Vezina trophy, named for the man he replaced in nets.

The rules were changed the following season to allow forward passes (it wasn’t allowed in the league to that point). Hainsworth still played superbly, and led the Habs to the Stanley Cup the next two seasons.

In 1930, he set a record of going 270 minutes and 8 seconds  of playoff hockey without allowing a goal.

In 1932-33, he became captain of the Canadiens, a rarity.

He was elected to the hall of fame in 1961.

For more on George Hainsworth:

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