Top 10 Law & Order hotties

 I decided to go a bit obscure this week. Everyone does lists of top good-looking Heroes, athletes, sportscasters.

But I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one for Law & Order. And so for that, my friends, here is the top 10 Law & Order Hotties.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time this week to write a small blurb after each one, but I hope the photos will do.

(Note: As usual, they had to have appeared in at least five episodes. Also, I made this list using all the Law & Order franchises, not just the main one).


10. Milena Govich


9. Alicia Witt


8. Stephanie March


7. Diane Neal


6. Angie Harmon


5. Mariska Hargitay


4. Jill Hennessy


3. Alana De La Garza


2. Liza Lapira


1. Elisabeth Rohm




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22 responses to “Top 10 Law & Order hotties

  1. Eric

    Swap #s 3 and 8 and I agree completely.

  2. me

    #2 is not liza lapira. lol.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. No idea how I got the wrong photo in there. It’s now been fixed.

    Thanks again.

  4. Angie Harmon & Jill Hennessy = #1

  5. I love diane neal is my favorite

  6. Dude, you’ve got them out of order. All SOOOOOOOOOOO HOTTTTTTTTTTT though

  7. Nan

    Man, you got some weird taste.
    #10 Milena was so hot and tough, at least on the show. Move her up 2.
    #3 Alana is easily number one. I thought when she got on the show they got carried away by casting too beautiful of a girl.

  8. Julianna

    Mariska Hargitay is by far the most beautiful.

  9. Puupi

    #5 Mariska Hargitay…I love!!♥The best

  10. mike murray

    What about Annie Parisse?

    • summersville tourist

      boss – i think you need a couple more slots. Left off Annie off & Carrie Lowell(bond girl?). Annie is incredible. IMO Jill, Mariska, Diane can shimmy down the list a bit, but I still love them.
      — Either way, gotta hand it to Law & Order, they seem so serious, but subtly make sure there is a hottie on there…impressive list.

  11. Jmann

    How is Jill Hennessy not #1 or 2?


    jill es la mejor. desde l&o a crossing jordan y su papel en las vegas, siempre muestra poco y da mucho, es magnífica

    (Rough translation: jill is the best. from l&o to crossing jordan and her role in the vegas, always shows little and gives very much, it is magnificent)

  13. mOlKo

    i agree broooo

  14. james

    alicia witt is by far the best. soooo hot.

  15. all females on law&order are good looking but diane neal is the finest. she a godess in my eyes.

  16. Sergio ( Brasil )

    Mariska Hargitay.
    I LOVE YOU !!!!!!
    MY DREAM!!!

  17. Mark

    How is Carey Lowell not on this list?

  18. Carlos

    Mariska Hargitay should be number 1. She’s so hot

  19. Jeff

    Your taste in women is SEVERELY suspect. Milena Govich and Mariska Hargitay are both disgusting. Govich has persistent bags under eyes, as does Hargitay, and Govich’s nose moonlights as an Alpine ski resort. I haven’t seen so many bumps, since I was last skiing in Utah. Besides, her lack of acting skill makes her even less attractive. Hargitay has looked 55-years-old FOREVER. She’s hideous. And, why is her mouth always gaping open? Is she trying to catch flies? As for Rohm, she couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag, and to top things off, she’s an absolute walking, talking buffoon. Her acting ability consists of a wide-eyed, deer-caught-in-the-headlights stare while screaming her lines. STFU! They don’t need to hear you in Pakistan, dummy! Personally, I don’t find talentless morons attractive.

  20. Frank

    I agree, how the heck is Carey Lowell not included? James Bond’s love interest, Richard Gere’s wife? She was the hottest–okay maybe Mariska is close, but come on–she’s GOT to be in the top 5!

  21. Derek Edmonds

    Bogus! Mariska is #1. She’s not only hot like the others, but she is ALL WOMAN. What a woman!

    Angie Harmon and Stephanie March are #2 & #3.

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