Top 100 Habs: #28

#28: Mario Tremblay

For most newer fans of the Montreal Canadiens, Mario Tremblay’s legacy begins and ends with his coaching the team in the mid-1990s, especially the part where Patrick Roy left the team because of a dispute with Tremblay.

Mario Tremblay

Mario Tremblay

But remembering that would be a disservice to his great career as a player with the Habs.

Tremblay was drafted by the Canadiens in the first round in 1974, and played his whole 12-year career with the Habs.

Tremblay was a great all-around player. He could score, hit and was strong defensively. He never had a negative plus/minus record in the NHL, and four times he scored 30 goals in a season.

He won five Stanley Cup with the Habs, including 1986, even though he suffered a career-ending injury that year and never played in the playoffs.

He became the head coach of the Canadiens in 1995, and after a few dust-ups with Roy, kept him in net for nine goals in a loss to Detroit. Roy demanded a trade, and Tremblay was fired less than two seasons later.

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