Top 10 Lost hotties

I’m continuing my weekly look at different hotties. This week, the top 10 Lost hotties.

Once again, it comes with the caveat that unless they’re still appearing in this season, they had to have appeared in at least four episodes.

Let me know what you think!

10. Andrea Gabriel


Andrea Gabriel plays Sayid’s love interest off the island. The 30-year-old has had bit parts on other shows, but Lost, at four episodes, is still her largest role to date.

 9. Zuleikha Robinson

Zuleikha Robinson

Zuleikha Robinson hasn’t had a big part on Lost yet, but she’s only been on for the past few episodes. The 30-year-old plays the cop (?) who has Sayid in handcuffs when they board the plane to get back to the island.

8. Elizabeth Mitchell


Elizabeth Mitchell seems to be hotter this season than the last few seasons, but I have no idea why. The 38-year-old played a doctor on ER, and starred in the two Santa Clause sequels before she was on Lost.

7. Kimberley Joseph Kimberley Joseph

Kimberley Joseph played Cindy Chandler, a flight attendant who is now a member of the others. The 35-year-old Canadian has appeared as a main character on three  other television shows.

 6. Kiele Sanchez

kiele Sanchez

Kiele Sanchez was only in 15 episodes before her character was killed off on Lost by buried alive after suffering a spider bite. The 31-year-old has had parts on three other television shows.

 5. Maggie Grace


Maggie Grace’s character of Shannon didn’t add much to the show, and her character was killed in the second season. But Grace added a natural beauty to the show. She has most recently starred in Taken.

4. Emilie de Ravin


If you only know Emilie de Ravin from Lost, then you’re probably not used to seeing her without a pregnant stomach. But the 27-year-old has been in many different movies and television shows, including Beastmaster, Roswell and Santa’s Slay. She also has six movies coming out in the next year.

3. Evangeline Lilly evangeline-lilly

A Canadian, Evangeline Lilly’s character can get annoying at times. She did a bunch of small roles before Lost, but the 29-year-old is probably best well-known outside of Lost for an infomercial for a date hotline (click hereto see the Youtube video).

2. Michelle Rodriguez


While a lot of people didn’t like  Michelle Rodriguez’s character of Ana-Lucia, there’s no doubt she was one of the hottest Losties. The 30-year-old is starring in the sequel to the Fast and the Furious this summer.

 1. Yunjin Kim



Sun has been my favourite character since the show first aired. At first, her character was submissive to her husband, but it wasn’t long before we found out that she was a powerful woman. Before Lost, Yunjin Kim was in a lot of films in Asia, but it’s not hard to tell why she is the hottest of the Lost.



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8 responses to “Top 10 Lost hotties

  1. M@

    Thought for sure you were gonna put Josh Holloway as one of the Top Ten Hottest Lost Chicks.

    (Still think Leighton Meester shoulda made the “24” list! Four Episodes!)


  2. ¿Quien a hecho este ranking?

    Eh yo no se como habeis hecho este top 10 pero debiais estar drogados.
    Por favor evangeline es sin duda la 1ª y la coreana no se que hace la 1ª en fin…

    (Editor’s note:) This is a rough translation of the comment.

    Title: Who has done this ranking?

    Comment: Eh I note as you have made this top 10 but you had to be drugged. Please evangeline is undoubtedly the 1st one, and not the Korean one in the end…

  3. F

    Err… Nothing about Tania Raymonde who played Alex ?

    Elizabeth Mitchell only at the 8th rank ?

    Were you on drug the day you made that ? 😉

  4. Jared

    I was sort of following you until the Top 2. I gotta agree with everyone else in thinkin you were high on somethin. I mean Michelle and Yunjin are good looking, but should be at the other end of this list. Cool idea though!

  5. ST

    yay michelle. she is lovely.

  6. Jimmy the Gent

    Seriously? Sun? or Yunjin. Your off your rocker. Michelle Rodriguez and Evangeline Lilly are both much hotter.

  7. John

    Michelle Rodriguez is SOOOOOOO overrated…its absolutely obserd she is even in the top 10…she just belongs on a deserted island..where noone has to look at her….lol

  8. Lukas

    ow come on. is that your number one? did you ever look closer at her nose? looking strange. and she’s soooo thin.
    Kate is my number 1 !!!!!! 🙂

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