The problem with the Canadian justice system

Here’s what is wrong with the Canadian justice system.

Vince Li has been found not criminally responsible for decapitating someone.

Vince Li has been found not criminally responsible for decapitating someone.

A man can get on a bus in Manitoba, stab and decapitate a guy, eat part of him, and then be found not criminally responsible because he believes he hears voices telling him to do so.

That’s what has happen with Vince Li. Last year, Li killed Tim McLean. Now, he’ll be sent to a mental institution for who knows how long.

The trial started Tuesday, and two psychiatrists testified that Li is schizophrenic. And already a decision has been handed down.

I figure if you’re going to do something like this, you better be able to take your chances in prison. If God was telling you to do something, you better hope he has your back when you’re in jail.



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5 responses to “The problem with the Canadian justice system

  1. Cheryl

    I’m pretty disgusted with this too. I figure, if you’re capable enough to carry out acts like that, you’re capable of dealing with the consequences.

  2. Jeremy H

    Schizophrenia patients have voices in their heads that influences the way they perceive reality. In this case, extremely altered.

    If we replace the judges and clinicians ten times over we will still have the same results on this case.

    Many Candians and readers from around the world have heard the details to this crime for 1 long year, put fear amongst themselves and realising this “physco” is really a schitzo, they stay with the negative opinions they have formed. Not realising that schizophrenia is really a serious matter that needs to be recognized and understood by all.

    And god will not have his back in jail if he ever goes. Only alot of scared prisoners who will hurt/kill him because they are scared he will do something like this to them.

    Not that I don’t feel bad for Tim’s family and friends. I wouldn’t want anyone having one of his/her episodes do that to my loved ones but it is a disease that more citizens need to be more aware of.

    With all the death threats he recieved, it’s god’s way of sending us a message that it is people’s given motivation to emilminate/supress what they fear (the unknown).

    The unknown happens to be a schizophrenia patient having to live with the guilt throughout his life when he fully realises what he was capable of doing in one of his episodes that night.

  3. paganmedia

    Jeremy I am in total disagreement with your position. Vince Li knew exactly what he was doing and that was his plan to murder somone. His altered state was created out of convenience. If he truly did not recognize what he was doing; than why did he ask the police to kill him. He recognied the wrong he did. It was his defense representation that came up with his alter state of autonomy bullshit defense.

    Let’s see Tim McClean suffered a brutish unprovoked grisly death. Yet, Vince Li gets to live life almost undisturbed and with great conveniene of having a treatement team.

    Li can still work with his treatement team in prison where he belongs. He may even get better faster being in prision.

    The stroking of Vince Li’s mental state is pathetic. In society we constantly ignore the true victims and make excuses for true criminals. It is about time that postion is remedied and true justice is delivered to society globally.

  4. Li killed him, clearly on purpose. All the rest of this circumstantial nonsense shouldn’t matter or even be looked at.

    Look at the facts, there is a bus load of people who could tell you he could be in jail.

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