Top 100 Habs: #47

#47: Jean-Guy Talbot

Although Jean-Guy Talbot played in the NHL with five different teams, it was with the Montreal Canadiens that he had most of his success.

Jean-Guy Talbot

Jean-Guy Talbot

Drafted by the Habs, Talbot played 12 full seasons with the Canadiens, winning seven Stanley Cups in that time.

In his rookie season (1955-56), he scored only one goal and added 13 assists, but it was the beginning of an illustrious career with the Canadiens. That year, the Habs won the first of five straight Stanley Cups.

A defenceman, Talbot preferred to take care of business in his own end of the rink. In only one season did he score more than five goals.

He played in seven all-star games with the Canadiens as well.

1967-68 was a tough year for Talbot. He was claimed by the Minnesota North Stars in the expansion draft, and then traded to the Detroit Red Wings only four games into the season. After 32 games there, he was claimed by the St. Louis Blues off waivers for the rest of the season.

After spending 12 years in one city, it must have been difficult to go to three different cities in one year.

For more information on Jean-Guy Talbot:

Hockey Hall of Fame



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