Don’t read Andre the Giant’s biography

I love reading, and I love wrestling wrestling books.

The cover of Andre the Giants biography.

The cover of Andre the Giant's biography.

Some of them are the best you’ll ever read amongst any type of book.

And then you have books like Andre the Giant’s biography.

Released around the Christmas season, the book focuses on Andre the Giant’s life in the wrestling ring, but specifically with the WWF/WWE. I thought it would be a great read, but instead, it turned into a snoozefest.

The author, Michael Krugman, speaks to a few wrestlers, plus Vince McMahon and a few others, and intersperses their comments throughout the book.

But the book is mostly reprinting interviews verbatim, and giving a blow by blow account of every match.

While it sounds unique, it’s actually a bore to read. Especially by the time you get to the fourth or fifth match against Big John Studd.

It’s not like Andre wrestled a lot of different type matches. They were mostly the same. Chop, headbutt, choke, choke again, headbutt, another choke, etc. Very dull to read, especially numerous times.

Plus, many of the stories get repeated. Andre was having trouble walking near the end of his career, so he would lean on whoever was his tag team partner while walking. But this fact gets repeated over and over again.

The last thing that killed this book was Vince McMahon’s comments. He pretty much buried anyone who wasn’t Andre, to the point you dread seeing his name. He buried Studd, Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior. It makes him come across as petty.

Even if you’re a huge wrestling fan, I wouldn’t recommend even borrowing this one from the library.


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