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Top 100 Habs: #48

#48: Billy Coutu While Billy Coutu is probably most well-known as being the first player ever banned from the NHL, he spent 12 solid seasons with the Montreal Canadiens.

He definitely had one of the most interesting hockey careers. He started with the Canadiens the year before the NHL was formed, in 1916-17.The next season, the first of the NHL, Coutu had two goals and two assists as a defenceman.In 1919, Coutu was one of five Montreal Canadiens players in the Stanley Cup finals to get the influenza that was affecting much of the world. The finals was eventually cancelled because too many players were out sick.

After one more season with the Habs, Coutu was loaned to the Hamilton team for the season, before joining Montreal again in the 1921-22 season.

Coutu would eventually win the Stanley Cup with the Habs in 1924.

But his tough play was also detrimental to his career. He was suspended three times for his rough play before being traded to the Boston Bruins.

Six months after the trade, Coutu started a on-ice brawl in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals by punching the referee. He was given a lifetime suspension from the NHL.

He played the rest of his career in the minors, where he was thrown out of a game a few years later for, you guessed it, abuse of the referee.For more on Bill Coutu:

Hockey Hall of Fame


Billy Coutu

Billy Coutu



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Economy takes toll on mistresses

It seems layoffs are affecting everyone.

Im at work. I dont dare search for mistress pictures on Google, so enjoy this romantic photo instead.

I'm at work. I don't dare search for mistress pictures on Google, so enjoy this romantic photo instead.

A married guy in China has five mistresses. He decides, with the way the economy is going, he can’t afford to keep all five of them. So he schedules a contest to see which one of the five he should keep. There were at least two competitions: one based on looks, and the other a drinking contest.

Apparently, all the mistresses knew each other. The guy would give them a free apartment and a $733 allowance to be his mistress.

Everything came out in the media in China after the story ended tragically. The woman who was eliminated because of her looks, she was so angry, that at a group meeting after the contest, she drove all of them off the cliff.

The driver ended up dying in the accident, with the other five having to go to the hospital.

After the story got out, the guy’s wife and four other mistresses all left him.

Forgetting the death for a second, doesn’t it seem strange that one guy would have five mistresses, who would all know about each other? How did the guy find time to be with all of them, his wife, and his business?

And doesn’t it also seem weird that he decided to get rid of all but one of them, through a contest? I wonder what the other challenges were.

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