I don’t care about celebrities’ thoughts on octuplets

See, originally, I didn’t want to blog about Nadya Suleman.

Octuplet mom Nadya Suleman is now hitting the news station circuit.

Octuplet mom Nadya Suleman is now hitting the news station circuit.

She’s the woman who gave birth to octuplets a month or so ago. Apparently, this woman’s personal life now means everyone can tell her how she is supposed to live her life and how many children she’s allowed to have.

Fine, I get it. People think she’s a bad mom for having another eight kids. But lately, she’s been turned into a celebrity bigger than Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

First, was all the comparisons to Angelina Jolie. Kind of silly, but I think that’s what originally started making her a celebrity.

The debate over whether her doctor should have allowed her to do this is what made it a news story, but the look-alike thing is what makes her a celebrity.

Now, quality entertainment (I use those words very loosely) programs such as Entertainment Tonight, Entertainment Tonight Canada, Access Hollywood and some others I don’t know the names of, spend the first few minutes of every program asking celebrities what they think of the octuplets mom.

*disclaimer: I don’t watch these shows, my wife does. I actually leave the room five minutes in to the program to go play Playstation because they make me sick.


I have a small question: Who cares? Why would anyone care what Rosie O’Donnell thinks of Nadya Suleman? To use paraphrase one of her most famous quotes: “Why does she get to be the moral compass for other mothers across the world?”

Cher also weighed in with her thoughts.

Personally, though, I’m still holding out hope that the youngest kid from Home Improvement will be giving his opinion of the whole thing.

Why do we care what celebrities think of the octuplet mom?

Why do we care what celebrities think of the octuplet mom?

As for Nadya Suleman, if she wants to have more kids, why is it up to us to tell her she’s not allowed? Does anyone tell Michelle Duggar, who gave birth to her 18th child last year, to stop, even though she wants more?

If Suleman wanted more kids, it’s not our place to tell her no. I certainly wouldn’t appreciate it if people told me to stop having kids or letting me know I was a bad parent.

She now has the opportunity to make money (she’s looking for $2 million after appearing on Oprah, and has been offered $1 million to star in a porn video under the Vivid Entertainment company). If successful, she’ll be able to afford to raise her kids.

Let her decide what is best for her life and her kids’ life, and leave her alone.


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  1. nevermore

    Kids are not property, they’re people. If the mother is too selfish to put the needs and health concerns of her other six children ahead of her own insatiable desire to have more babies, then people are going to express disgust with that. Nadya Suleman’s older children will be turned into built in baby sitters as the Duggar’s children surely are. No two parents can cope with that many children without help, and there is no father to help (such as it would be). I am tired of paying for other people’s “right” to bear untold numbers of children. You are correct about the media twist, but come on. The chick has had plastic surgery to look like Angelina Jolie no matter how coy she behaves now that her mental health issues are exposed. And with people like the Duggars and the Gosselin’s getting so much attention, their own show and $$ support, you don’t think that played into her decision? Which brings me back to my initial point. These are children. They are not property or avenues for her to achieve fame and success. Nor will they fill up that emptiness he described in her interview with Dr. Phil. These kids are all born with a job. It’s not fair.

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