Top 100 Habs: #50

#50: Stephane Richer

It’s probably only fitting that Stephane Richer clocks in at #50 on this list, as he is the only Habs player to score 50 goals in a season since Guy Lafleur in the late 1970s.

Stephane Richer

Stephane Richer

And not is he the only Hab to do it, he’s done it twice.

Richer was drafted by the Canadiens in 1984. Two years later, as a rookie, he scored 21 goals in the regular season and helped the team win the Stanley Cup that year.

The following year, he scored 20 goals, before exploding with 50 goals in 87-88. He followed that up with a disappointing season where he scored 25 goals, but helped the team make it to the Stanley Cup finals.

He found his form again in 1989-90, as he scored 51 goals and had a career-high 91 points.

He had 31 goals the following year, and was traded to the New Jersey Devils, where he played for five seasons before being traded back to the Habs.

In total, he played seven seasons with the Habs, and never scored less than 20 goals in any of those seasons.

For more on Stephane Richer:

Hockey Hall of Fame



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