Top 100 Habs: #58

#58 Mark Recchi

Mark Recchi has been one of the league’s most consistent leaders in the NHL for the past 20 years, and would be ranked higher on this list if he had played more seasons with the Montreal Canadiens.

Mark Recchi

Mark Recchi

Recchi joined the Habs in 1994, and played five seasons with the Canadiens before being traded back to the Philadelphia Flyers.

He’s won two Stanley Cups, has scored 50 goals in a season, had three 100-point seasons, but is probably best known for his ability to lead on and off the ice.

General managers of young teams routinely try to get Recchi on their team, and the Canadiens was no exception. In his five seasons with the Habs, Recchi was a consistent performer, scoring just under a point-per-game.

Recchi has scored more than 500 career goals, and almost 1,400 points.

He has played in seven all-star games.

For more information on Mark Recchi:

Hockey Hall of Fame



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