Alomar, A-Rod, bikini models and more

There’s been so much sports news lately, that it made sense to do a blog post that hits on a bunch of different topics.

Roberto Alomar and AIDS

Roberto Alomar has full-blown AIDS, according to a lawsuit from an ex-girlfriend. 

Roberto Alomar is being sued for $15 million.

Roberto Alomar is being sued for $15 million.

Ilya Dall claims Alomar insisted on having unprotected sex when they were dating. After three years of poor health, he went in for tests, and found out that he had full-blown AIDS, said the lawsuit.

Alomar’s lawyer said the allegations are baseless, but won’t say directly if Alomar has AIDS or not. Dall says she has been tested, and doesn’t have HIV.

So she’s suing Alomar for $15 million for putting her health at risk.

Here in Canada, Alomar was seen as a superstar. He helped bring the Toronto Blue Jays their first two World Series.

But if the allegations are true, this would damage his reputation beyond repair. But he would also have more to worry about losing this lawsuit.  Trevis Smith of the Saskatchewan Roughriders was sent to jail for sexual assault when he had sex with two women when he had HIV, and never mentioned it to them.

Steroids in baseball

Now that Alex Rodriguez has admitted to taking steroids, is there anyone we can believe from that era anymore.

Alex Rodriguez has admitted to taking steroids in the past.

Alex Rodriguez has admitted to taking steroids in the past.

Mark McGwire wouldn’t admit or deny anything (although his brother is coming out with a book that says he took them). Sammy Sosa is believed to have taken them, although it hasn’t been proven.

Jose Canseco wrote a book with plenty of details. We all know of the Roger Clemens saga. Rafael Palmeiro, Miguel Tejada, Barry Bonds, etc.  

The list goes on and on. Really, they could come with a report now, and I wouldn’t be surprised by anyone on that list.

So what is baseball to do? They can’t erase what happened. They can’t take records away.

What they should do is have a full-blown no strikes policy. If you test positive for steroids, you’re gone.

It’s the only chance they have to clean up the game.

Brett Favre to retire?

So apparently Brett Favre has decided to retire from football.

Is Brett Favre really going to retire?

Is Brett Favre really going to retire?

I think we’ve been down this road before.

Sure, he may officially announce his retirement, have a press conference and shed some tears.

But until the season starts and he’s not playing, I won’t believe it.

If he retired as a Green Bay Packer, he would have gone down as a great player. But by going another season, he tarnished his legacy. He is now seen as less of a teammate and more of a ‘me-first’ guy.

Favre is guaranteed to go to the Hall of Fame the first chance he gets. But he’ll have less supporters because of the retirement stunts he’s pulled in the last few years.

Swimsuit cover announced

To finish on a high note, Sports Illustrated has released the cover shot of their annual swimsuit magazine.

Bar Refaeli is the newest Sports Illustrated cover model.

Bar Refaeli is the newest Sports Illustrated cover model.

Bar Refaeli is the woman on the cover this year.

Is it me, or does it seem like it’s less and less of a big deal every year?

With the Internet, and every magazine seemingly doing a swimsuit issue, is there really any need?

I think SI needs to spice it up some how. They’ve tried in the past by getting athletes to be in the issue (such as Danica Patrick). I think that’s the right idea.

But really. Another girl in a bikini? Give us something different.


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One response to “Alomar, A-Rod, bikini models and more

  1. Graham

    Part of what makes great players great is there unrelenting passion for the game. This is what leads them to keep playing well past their prime, and to try comeback after comeback. To then hold this against them isn’t fair. Brett Favre wanted to play more and Green Bay wasn’t going to trade him or play him so he had no choice but to retire. The fact that he came out of retirement doesn’t take away his championship, his stats, nor his legacy. Great players just don’t retire the way Hollywood wants them to. Just look at Lafleur, Jordan & Gretzky.

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