Stanley Cup finals in neutral zites

At the NHL’s general managers meeting in March, Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland plans to bring up the topic of the Stanley Cup finals.

Imagine this celebration happening in a neutral site!

Imagine this celebration happening in a neutral site!

His thoughts? The finals should be like the Superbowl, where the highest bidder gets the rights for the first two games.

The idea is completely ludicrous. First off, one of the reasons the Superbowl works is because it’s one and done. People can plan their yearly vacation or whatever around attending the Superbowl, which is held on a Sunday.

The Stanley Cup finals is at least four games long. So why would a city pay big money to host a championship that won’t be awarded in that city?

The other negative has to do with the bidding. Just say it’s the Boston Bruins against the San Jose Sharks in the finals. What happens though, if the Bruins are hosting the two games as a neutral site (which would have been decided at least a year in advance)? It’d be two games at the neutral site, one game in San Jose, and another one back in Boston. The Bruins would have a huge advantage in that scenario, or any other team that might make it to the finals.

It’s a silly idea, plain and simple.



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2 responses to “Stanley Cup finals in neutral zites

  1. Dennis

    I’m with you. Such a silly idea. But knowing the NHL and the way they’ve done things in the past, I wouldn’t be surprised if they agreed to do this and put games in San Juan and Salinas.

  2. puckdrawn

    Dumb idea. If the Flyers make it to the finals, I don’t want to have to go to some other stinkin’ city to see the game live. The NHL is never going to be the NFL, so stop the stupid ideas. The NHL has a good thing going with the Winter Classic. THAT’S our Super Bowl. Hype THAT game. Sheesh. Sometimes this league is so dumb.

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