NHL trade rumours

So we’re about one month or so away from the NHL trade deadline.

Could Jason Spezza be traded to the New York Rangers. ESPN has that rumour.

Could Jason Spezza be traded to the New York Rangers? ESPN has that rumour.

General managers will be working overtime in the next few weeks, trying to assess their needs.

Will a team like the Ottawa Senators trade a bunch of players away and start fresh? Will the Montreal Canadiens try to get rid of a few of their many potential free agents? Will the Florida Panthers make a deal that may push them into the playoffs?

There will be even more questions in the west, as two points separate sixth from 11th. Even the last-ranked St. Louis Blues is only six points out of a playoff spot (which is awesome, considering they’re missing half their team to injuries).

This was a rumour reported on ESPN:

“Someone we were talking to told us he had “heard” the Florida Panthers, Ottawa Senators and New York Rangers were working on a three-way deal that would send Jason Spezza to the Big Apple, Jay Bouwmeester to Canada’s capital and Scott Gomez to South Florida.”

Sens GM Bryan Murray said there has been no discussions like this.

But it does make things interesting as we approach the trade deadline.

Since I’m a fan of the Habs, I thought I would focus on them and what they should do at the trade deadline.

A lot of people believe they should trade for Vincent Lecavalier or Jay Bouwmeester. But I don’t like the fact Vinnie has such a huge salary and Bouwmeester will be a free agent at the end of the season.

The latest rumour has them going after Brad Richards with the Dallas Stars, but I believe Richards has a no-trade clause, and the Stars are on fire now.

Some sites are posting rumours of Brad Richards heading to the Habs.

Some sites are posting rumours of Brad Richards heading to the Habs.

First, the Habs need a mean guy back there on defence. Chris Pronger fits the bill (and I read a rumour about him going to Montreal), but he’s making more than $6 million a year, and is still signed for a few years. The Habs already have $11 million tied up in Andrei Markov and Roman Hamrlik, so it doesn’t make sense to add $6 million to that.

I think the Habs need a bit more toughness up front. They’ll be fine if Georges Laraque can come back and play, but he’s missed most of the season due to injury. I’ve heard Chris Neil from the Sens would be an interesting fit in Montreal, but I don’t know if I like him enough to have to cheer for him here. Besides, I’d think he’d have a tough time cracking this lineup.

Overall though, with so many teams still with an opportunity to make it into the playoffs, there might not be very many big trades this year.


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One response to “NHL trade rumours

  1. Can you tell me what ESPN know on hockey?

    Don’t believe that trade rumors about Spezza with the Rangers. Rangers need players with leadership not player who need a heart like Jason Spezza.

    For the Habs, all GM know that Gainey want to improve his team. But at what cost?

    The real question about Montreal Canadiens is: which players are available to trade?

    Don’t forget that a lot of Habs players became free agent a the end of this season…

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