Top 100 Habs: #72

#72: Georges Mantha

Most people don’t know anything about Georges Mantha, but he played his entire NHL career with the Montreal Canadiens in the 1930s.

Georges Mantha

Georges Mantha

Playing either left-wing or defence, Mantha helped the Habs to two Stanley Cups. He also made two all-star teams.

According to the Hockey Hall of Fame, Mantha and his two linesmates were the reason the Habs were able to defeat the Boston Bruins in the 1930 Stanley Cup finals.

“The Beantowners were prohibitive favourites after posting a 38-5-1 record in the regular season, but their potent attack was stymied by the relentless checking of Mantha and linemates Pit Lepine (and) Wildor Larochelle,” reads the site.

The next year, Mantha scored five playoff goals in 10 games as the Habs repeated as champions. He scored only one more playoff goal in 26 games.

His best regular season was 1937-38, when he had 23 goals and 42 points in 47 games. But most seasons saw him score less than 10 goals. However, his forte was shutting down the other teams’ top lines.

For more on Georges Mantha:

Hockey Hall of Fame




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2 responses to “Top 100 Habs: #72

  1. 1937-89… wow! He play for 52 years 🙂

    Good post, I didn’t know that player.

  2. Thanks for the catch. 🙂 Although if his best regular season was 1937-89, when he had 23 goals and 42 points in 52 years, that’s not very good.

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