More things to do

So my list of 100 things to do (aka A Bucket List) is slowly building to 100.

There are three new additions to the list, but I’ve had to cross a couple off.

The three new things I want to do:

1) Learn to whistle: I already know how to whistle normally. But I want to be able to do those loud, ear-piercing whistles where you stick your fingers in your mouth.

2) Sleep on a waterbed: Never have, always thought it would be fun.

3) Own a Star Trek uniform: I could wear it at Halloween, but I think it would be fun (okay, so you can call me a geek now).

The ones I had to take off the list was:

1) Get my high school sweater back (I lost it, it was my favourite sweater of all-time): My wife believes I threw it out because battery acid leaked on it. I don’t remember that, but she has a better memory for that sort of stuff. If it’s true, I have no chance of ever finding it again, so I should take it off the list.

2) Create a list of 100 books to read, and read them: This one was a good idea, but doesn’t make sense. For some of my other items on my list, I have reading certain books, like the Bible. I don’t want to have too many cross-over items, so I figured it would be easier to remove this one. If a book comes up I really want to read, I’ll add it next to one of the other reading items.

That’s it. Anyone have anything else I can add?


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