Montreal Massacure movie

So someone is releasing a movie based on the Montreal massacre back in the 1980s, and it has several people upset and not wanting to see it.

The movie open in Quebec this week, and across the rest of Canada sometime in the next couple of weeks.

It’s based on Marc Lepine, who killed 14 women on Dec. 6, 1989 at Université de Montréal’s École Polytechnique.

There was the same backlash when the movie, Karla, was released in 2006. Starring Laura Pepron from That 70s Show, the movie was about Karla Holmolka and Paul Bernardo and the killings that went on there.

In the past dozen years, we have seen movies about other tragedies: Titanic and Pearl Harbor. There’s already been movies about 9/11. The Summer of Sam is another one.

Law and Order uses a lot of current events in their TV shows each week.

There’s also the Laramie Project, a movie about Matthew Shephard, a U.S. teen who was killed because he was gay.

I know a lot of people feel a lot of pain about this issue, but it doesn’t seem right when we’re willing to watch the many movies/TV shows that come out of Hollywood, but we react in such a negative way when it’s reflective on something that happened on our own soil.

The movie could also be a good way to teach the younger generation, who respond better to movies and television, of what actually happened at the school.


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