Top 100 Habs: #80

#80: Jim Roberts

Jim Roberts played two positions for the Montreal Canadiens (defence and forward), had two stints with the team and played for only two NHL teams.

Jim Roberts

Jim Roberts

Roberts was never drafted, and ended up signing with the Habs as a free agent instead. He won two Stanley Cups with the Canadiens in four years, before the St. Louis Blues made him the top pick in the expansion draft.

The Blues made it to the finals each of their first three years in the league, and Roberts was named captain of that team in 1971, but traded back to Montreal 26 games into the season.

He won three more Cups with the Canadiens, before playing one last season with the Blues.

Roberts was a defensive stalwart, and was mostly used against the other teams’ top lines. However, he could chip in the odd goal, and had six seasons where he scored at least 13 goals.

Despite his defensive tendencies, he made the NHL’s all-star team on three occasions.

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