Top 100 Habs: #90

#90: Ryan Walter

Ryan Walter played nine seasons with the Montreal Canadiens, bringing a combination of offence and defence.

Ryan Walter

Ryan Walter

Drafted by the Washington Capitals, Walter played there for a few seasons and became the captain before being traded to Montreal in 1982. That year, he made the All-star team.

His first season with the Habs was his most productive, as he scored 29 goals and had 75 points. Although he never again reached the 50-point plateau with the Habs, his defensive play was a great help to the team.

In 1986, he won the only Stanley Cup of his career with the Canadiens.

After he finished his hockey career, he became a broadcaster for TSN and later went on to become an assistant coach with the Vancouver Canucks.

For more on Ryan Walter:

Hockey Hall of Fame



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