Top 100 Habs: #93

#93: Lyle Odelein

By now, you’re probably wondering, why would I have Lyle Odelein on a list of the top 100 Habs of all time?

Lyle Odelein

Lyle Odelein

It’s simple. Because he deserves to be here, the same way John Ferguson and Chris Nilan deserve to be on the list.

Not all Montreal Canadiens players need to score goals or stop pucks to be worthy of making it on this list.

Odelein played six full seasons with the Canadiens, and his main job was to make sure no one on the other messed with his team’s top players.

And he did his job admirably. Don’t believe me? Check out here, here and here.

While he won’t be mistaken for Doug Harvey, he does share a Montreal record with the great Habs defenceman: most assists by a defenceman in one game with five.

He also won a Stanley Cup with the Habs in 1993. He was also the first captain in the history of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

For more information on Lyle Odelein:

Hockey Hall of Fame



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  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    It is good to dee Lyle as that should assure that Craig Ludwig will be featured somewhere in the collection

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