24: Season 7

So the new season of 24 has begun.

I wasn’t too sure if I was going to like it. The first two hours, which aired on Sunday night on Fox, were slow. The next two hours, which aired last night, was much better.

The new season of 24 has begun.

The new season of 24 has begun.

Although the season is pretty predictable so far (did you really believe Tony was evil?), it did get much better.

My main problem with the show is the way everyone treats Jack Bauer, as if he is some kind of criminal. At some point during his congressional hearing, he should simply ask the question: “would you rather me get the information I need, or would you rather let a nuclear bomb go off in the United States? Or you would you rather let more chemicals get released in the air so most of the population dies?”

It’s not like everything he does is a secret, like in the first season. After that, things happened to Americans and the president of the show would have been brought to the attention of the public (a nucleur bomb went off in L.A., a few presidents were killed, a hotel was infected with chemicals – killing most of the people who were there, etc.). I think most of the public and politicians would agree that what Jack does is necessary, and instead of bringing him in front of a congressional hearing, the politicians would secretly sweep it under the rug.

I’m mostly concerned about the plot with the whole conspiracy thing. Prison Break did that in season 2, and it failed miserably. I hope 24 has a lot better luck with it.

Some other thoughts:

How long until we see a Chloe/Janis face off, perhaps over the computer, perhaps in real life?

Guesses on who the leak in the white house is? I’m guessing the secretary guy, who the president had to reprimand in front of everyone for again stating his opinion that the Americans shouldn’t be going into the African country to help out.

Will Jack’s daughter, Kim, make an appearance? I hope so. Kim worked for CTU, so I’m hoping she’s in Washington to give support to her dad.


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  1. Graham

    I am thinking there will be a Janis & Chloe face-off as well. I also wonder if Jon Voigt will make an appearance during the season as he was on the take from the Songala dudes in 24: Redemption. I am guessing the Presidents Chief of Staff is part of the conspiracy as I believe he helped bury the “suicide” of the presidents son so the conspiracy would not be found out.

    One other note, I know 24 is based on being preposterous (sp?) but the extreme level of timing required to crash those two planes into each other on the runway would be near impossible to achieve. But of course if I am going to watch 24 I have to be able to overlook such things…

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