Top 100 Habs: #95

#95: Richard Zednik

Richard Zednik played for four full seasons and a bit for the Montreal Canadiens earlier this decade. At a time when the Habs were looking for scoring, they turned to Zednik.

Richard Zednik

Richard Zednik

He had nine points in his first 12 games with the Habs, after being traded from the Washington Capitals. He followed that up with seasons of 22, 31 and 26 goals. He led the Canadiens in goals for two years.

He also performed well in the playoffs for the Canadiens. In 2002, he had four goals and four assists in four games in the first round series against the Boston Bruins before Kyle McLaren knocked him out of the playoffs with an elbow to the head.

He is probably most well-known, unfortnately, as the player who got his neck slashed with a skate during a game while playing for the Florida Panthers in February, 2008. He returned to the NHL this season.

For more on Richard Zednik:

Hockey Hall of Fame



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  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    Solid choice, he played well during his time…for the most part.

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