Top 100 Habs: #96

#96: Murph Chamberlain

A key piece to the Habs in the late 1940s, Erwin “Murph” Chamberlain played eight years in two stints with the Montreal Canadiens and won two Stanley Cups. 

Murph Chamberlain

Murph Chamberlain

He scored 47 points in 47 games in the 43-44 season, and helped the Habs win their first cup in 14 years that season. He had five goals and eights points in nine playoff games that year to help end the drought. His numbers dipped down after that, and he never became a huge scoring threat again. But two seasons later, he helped the Canadiens win another Stanley Cup.

He had spent three years with the Leafs in the 30s, going to the finals each time, but not able to capture the cup.

Maybe it was a coincidence, but I have a hard time believing that so many of his teams went to the Stanley Cup finals without him playing an important role. It would be nice to know more about this player, who doesn’t get his due for his role with the Habs of the 40s.

For more on Murph Chamberlain:

Hockey Hall of Fame



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