Top 100 Habs: #99

 #99: Pierre Turgeon

 Pierre Turgeon only played one full season with the Montreal Canadiens and parts of two others, but he made his impact known.

Pierre Turgeon

Pierre Turgeon

Brought in a solution to the Habs scoring woes, Turgeon had 20 points in the last 15 games with Montreal in the 94-95 season. The next year, he had 96 points in 80 games (the third highest one-season total for any Habs player since 1980). Following that, he had 11 points in nine games before being traded to the St. Louis Blues.

He was also the team captain at this time, and was the player responsible for carrying the torch from the Montreal Forum to the Bell Centre (or whatever it was called at the time).

Turgeon scored more than 1,000 points in his career, and should be in the hall of fame someday.

Hockey Hall of Fame website



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