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Guys, this is why you never, ever cheat on your wife.

Australian woman Rajini Narayan saw her husband, Satish Narayan,  hug another woman last December. She was so enraged, that she set Satish’s genitals on fire while he slept.

From this Yahoo article:

“Prosecutor Lucy Boord said Narayan told neighbours she was a “jealous wife” but she hadn’t meant to kill her husband when she doused the sleeping man’s genitals with an alcohol-based solvent and set him on fire.


The husband jumped out of bed and knocked over the bottle of alcohol, causing the fire to spread and resulting in damage to their townhouse and an adjacent property, the Adelaide Advertiser newspaper reported.

She has been charged with murder, arson and three counts of endangering life, as the couple’s three children were at home during the incident.”


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