The second coming?

So apparently there’s this woman in Peru named Virgen Maria (aka Virgin Mary).

She fell in love with this guy, named Joseph. He’s a carpenter, by the way.

She became pregnant, and gave birth to a baby boy on Dec. 25. So they named him Jesus Emanuel. (Read the full story here).

I think it’s a nice story around Christmas time, but I wonder if the kid will be teased as he gets older. It must be a lot of pressure to live up to a name like that.



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2 responses to “The second coming?

  1. And I thought living up to my name James (Supplanter) and Daniel (God is my judge) was tough!

  2. Cheryl

    The story says the father was compared to Joseph, but that wasn’t his name. Either way, it’s a weird situation, and I agree – that kid is going to get attention.

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