World junior bore






These are just some of the scores that are happening at the 2009 World Junior hockey championships.

They’re not fun to watch on TV. I can only imagine what it’s like for people in the stands.

I don’t blame the players for running up the score. They have no other choice. The tiebreaker is goals for/against differential, so they have to run up the score.

But I think other things can be done to change it up.

The guys doing the announcing on TSN had an idea that the goal differential per game can only be five. So if you win 5-0 or 11-0, it doesn’t matter.

Maybe another option would be to whittle the tournament down so we don’t have countries that do get hammered regularly.

One crazy way to do it would be to create a degree of difficulty ahead of time. So if you win by five goals, each goal counts as one. But if you win by eight goals, each goal only counts as 0.75. If you win by 10, each goal is worth 0.5. This means as you run up the score, the goals actually count as less.

I don’t know what the best option is (though I am partial to #3), but I do think something needs to be changed.


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  1. Graham

    Perhaps the A pool should be two teams smaller. Another problem is that even though the winner of the B pool moves up to A, it is not the edition of the team that won B, but rather they move up the following year when that team could be a totally different group of players.

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