NHL review

With the NHL taking a couple of days break for the Christmas holidays, I thought it would be a good time to look at my predictions, and see how I’m doing on some of them.

Boston Bruins: I expected them to do well. I had them winning the northeast division. They’ve even exceeded by expectations as they are now first in the Eastern conference.

Tampa Bay Lightning: They have been a real disappointment. I expected them to struggle, but still make the playoffs because they play in the weak southeast division and win some games because of that. But they are brutal, and are the second-worst team in the league.

Ottawa Senators: I expected them to struggle horribly with secondary scoring, and they have. That’s the main crux of their problems, and why they are out of a playoff spot.

Dallas Stars: Another team that has been a disappointment. I expected them to win the Pacific division, but instead, they’ve been flirting near the bottom of the standings. I don’t think they’ll come close to winning the division because the San Jose Sharks have that division already sewn up. But I do think they’ll come back and make the playoffs. They’ve gotten rid of Avery, and are 6-3-1 in their last 10 games.

Vezina trophy:I need a do-over on this one. I took Marty Turco, mainly because of the amount of wins he would pile up on one of the league’s top teams. That’s not happening now, but the Vezina race is wide open. Martin Brodeur and Roberto Luongo have been injured. I think Tim Thomas should win it if he keeps up his strong play.

Jack Adams: Claude Julien. I think is still the best choice. What Julien has been able to do in Boston with the Bruins is amazing. First in the east, and second overall.

Any thoughts on how you’ve done with your predictions?


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