New football team?

So after many years of being a Detroit Lions fan, I think it’s time to say good-bye.

After many years of bad drafting, horrible scouting, bad free agent signings and the worst general manager in NFL history, I’m thinking it’s time to move on to a new team.

Now my quest begins. What team do I rally behind? I don’t want to pick a favourite just because the team is doing well (Colts, Steelers) or has a rich history of fan support (Giants, Cowboys). I’m looking for a fun team to throw my support behind.

I have a few thoughts in my head. The Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals are two possibilities.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?



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6 responses to “New football team?

  1. Denver Broncos.
    1) Because they’re my team (since I was 9 or 10)
    2) Because you get 2 teams in 1.

    The first team plays well and wins the games they should win and some they have no business winning. Look for this version of the team early in the season (most often seen before week 5). It’s also been known to show itself late in the season after they’re out of playoff contention.

    The second version of the Broncos is the team you are probably familiar with. They usually begin taking the field no later than Week 7…they have good talent and enjoy losing big games. They are excellent at blowing defensive coverage and handing away games in the third and fourth quarters. They also usually show up for those all-important, key divisional matchups. They are philanthropists, donating wins to the Raiders and Chiefs this year.

    As I type this they are in the midst of a collapse that is the envy of every member of the New York Mets.

    They certainly keep you guessing.
    But boy was I happy in 1998 and 1999!

  2. blair

    San Francisco 49ers.

    I think I may be the wrong person to offer advice as my favourite teams have always been the 49ers, Buffalo and Green Bay.

    Whatever you do, don’t jump on the Cowboys! bandwagon please.

  3. Ryan
    Rumor has it that the Ford family’ll use the money being given to the family business courtesy of the governments to move the franchise to Oklahoma ? That way they’ll feel all the more accepted much as in the same way the NBA franchise are there in Oklahoma with their own ineptitude . Oklahoma City Thunder and the Detroit Lions how appropriate that sounds ? I can’t think of an appropriate renaming of the franchise but I’m sure that someone’ll be able to !

    tophatal …………………

  4. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    Any pub is good pub even if it is 0-16…stick with the Lions. After they get Matt Cassel this spring and trade thier #1 pick for more picks and actually build a team maybe things will look up. If not Barry Sanders young son looks like a good one and maybe they can get him in in a few years. Stick with your guns. If not go with the Falcons or Texans. OR just go with the Browns they used to have Jim Brown.

  5. Bryan

    I think we already have enough in the arena and now we won’t be able to handle another one.. so leave us with all our favorite teams and let us be the loyal ones..

  6. Stick with the Lions. It can’t get any worse then now. Two number one draft picks and no Millen.

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