Disrespectful media

I originally was going to post something different, but there’s a guy in Detroit who is giving media people a bad name.

Rob Parker of the Detroit News is in a press conference with Detroit Lions head coach Rod Marinelli, whose team just lost to the New Orleans Saints 42-7. The team team hasn’t won a game and is now 0-16.

The defensive co-ordinator for the Lions is Joe Barry, who also happens to be Marinelli’s son-in-law.

The question occurs about 1:03 into the clip.

In case you can’t hear, Rob Parker, after a long string of questions, asks: “Do you wish your daughter had married a better defensive coordinator?”

See this is why the public doesn’t trust the media anymore.

On his newspaper’s website, Parker insists that he and Marinelli respect each other, and that he was trying to lighten the moment.

(You can read the whole column here)

See, there’s a time for that type of humour. If the Lions were 9-6, were a good defensive team and just happened to have a bad game, then maybe that question could be funny.

But the Lions are winless, one of the worst defensive teams and there have been calls to fire the whole coaching staff for most of the season. In fact, the previous three or four questions were about why is the defensive co-ordinator not fired. Joking at a time like that is just stupidity.

I’ll take Parker’s word that he respects Marinelli. I just think there would be better ways to prove it.

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One response to “Disrespectful media

  1. What’s the big deal? He prefaced it with “on a lighter note”

    They’re 0 and 15, they suck, there’s nothing else to talk about.


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